T-Motor F40Pro V (KV 1950/2150)

KV: 1950
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The F40 PRO-IV inherits T-Motor's superior FPV racing motor system.
The F40 PRO-IV is 9% lighter than the F40 PRO-III. The pinhole of the internal motor is 0.05g lighter, the 12mm titanium shaft is 0.2g lighter, the custom silicon wire is 0.3g lighter, the silicon steel sheet is 1.0g lighter, and the others are 0.4g lighter.
T-Motor has worked to improve the user experience by tweaking every detail of the F40 PRO-IV and contributing to weight reduction.
In addition, the nuts are made to order to protect the threads of the steel shaft, and the mounting method of the stand that combines points and surfaces makes the mounting even more stable.

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■ Specifications

・ Motor size:Diameter 27.9x29.8mm
・ Weight (including cable):30.8g
・ Configuration:12N14P
・ Internal resistance:65mΩ (1950KV)/45mΩ (2400KV)
・ Shaft diameter:4mm
・ Cable standard:20 # AWG 150mm
-Rated voltage (Lipo):4-6S (1950KV)/4S (2400KV)
・ Idle current (10V):1.3A (1950KV)/1.6A (2400KV)
・ Peak current (60s):42A (1950KV)/42.9A (2400KV)
・ Maximum power (60s):1012W (1950KV)/666W (2400KV)
・ Color:Gray

■ Package contents

・ Motor x1
・ Screw set x1

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