T-Motor F1507 (KV 2700/3800)

KV: 2700
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Lightweight, powerful, smooth and powerful flight performance!
Specially designed to fit Cine whoops.

There are two types of KV.
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■ Specifications

・ Motor size:Diameter 18.9x29.7mm
・ Weight (including cable):15.2g
・ Configuration:12N14P
・ Internal resistance:131mΩ (2700KV)/81mΩ (3800KV)
・ Shaft diameter:2mm
・ Cable standard:24 # AWG 100mm
-Rated voltage (Lipo):3-6S (2700KV)/3-4S (3800KV)
・ Idle current (10V):0.6A (2700KV)/0.9A (3800KV)
・ Peak current (60s):22A (2700KV)/23A (3800KV)
・ Maximum power (60s):519W (2700KV)/372W (3800KV)

■ Package contents

・ Motor x1
・ Screw set x1

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