HGLRC Soter FPV drone ブザー

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HGLRC Soter FPV drone buzzer

HGLRC Soterは、BetaflightおよびCleanflightのすべてのフライトコントローラと互換性があります。フライトコントローラーのブザーインターフェースに接続するだけで作動します。フライトコントローラーの配線が正しければ、マルチローター機の電源を入れると、フライトコントローラーの電源が自動的にHGLRC Soterを充電します。(赤色LED点滅はブザーが充電中であることを示し、赤色LED消灯は充電完了を示します)


  1. It is compatible with the functions of the traditional buzzer and is synchronized with the driver of the flight controller.
  2. When the flight controller is connected, if the main battery is powered off during the flight, it can still trigger the buzzer to alarm 30 seconds after the power is off, and give an alarm sound of 100 decibels, and the LED light flashes at the same time.
  3. long-time alarm function (30 minutes after powered on), is off by default, it can be activated by resoldering the wires to different pads.
  4. When the flight controller is connected normally, the buzzer will be triggered automatically when the power is on for 30 minutes, and the alarm sound of 100 decibels will be emitted, and the LED light will flash; Press and hold the release button for more than 5 seconds to turn off the buzzer alarm and LED.


  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Size: 22x12x12mm
  • Weight: 3.6g

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