FETtec Motor FM2004T (KV 1800)

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The F2004 1700KV is a 6S 4-5 inch lightweight aircraft, and the F2004 3000KV is a compact yet powerful motor that is ideal for 3 inch duct type and 4-5 inch lightweight aircraft. It is a T-mount propeller lock type and has a 1.5 mm axis.

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■ Specifications

・ Motor size:Diameter 24.3x17.25mm
・ Weight (including cable):16.4g
・ Configuration:12N14P
・ Internal resistance:221mΩ (1700KV)/90mΩ (3000KV)
・ Shaft diameter:3mm
・ Cable standard:24 # AWG 130mm
・ Rated voltage (Lipo):6S (1700KV)/4-5S (3000KV)
・ Idle current (10V):0.38A (1700KV)/0.88A (3000KV)
・ Peak current (60s):21.2A (1700KV)/30.1A (3000KV)
・ Maximum power (60s):503W (1700KV)/460W (3000KV)

■ Package contents

・ Motor x1
・ Screw set x1

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