Armattan Tadpole 3" フレームキット

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The popular Armattan Tadpole 2.5 "introduces a slightly larger 3-inch freestyle frameた!
Inch up / down is possible just by changing the main frame, and you can use it properly according to the flight location and flying style.ます。

The type that stacks the battery on top of this size is an important point not only to fulfill Armattan's ideal but also to measure weight reduction. Looking at the type that stacks the freestyle frame lipo of the 5-inch machine on top, after the model The end does not have to be the same stack height as the nose side, and the width does not have to be so wide, so we have succeeded in reducing the weight by incorporating these two points in the design.に成功しています。

With assembly instructions (English)。
Two cute ARMATTAN battery straps that are ideal for micro size are also included.。

■ Features

・3 inch props
・Suitable for upper lipo mounting mini flyer and freestyle frameる)
・Aluminum front cage provides complete protection for nanocamera
・Short aluminum rear post
・No need for new modular rubber VTX antenna mount bolts with unique aluminum rear posts不要)
・Due to the slightly tilted aerodynamic upper lipoplate weight reductionの)
・Dry frame weight fully assembled 19.5g.5g
・1106s / 5100kv is ridiculously fast. It feels like 5 inches and moves more agile. Armattan's impressionの感想)

■ specification

・Frame weight 19.5gg
・Motor to motor 131.25 mmm
・Frame shape Compressed X
・Main plate thickness 2mmm
・Hardware M22
・Motor mount pattern 9mmm
・FC Stack Mount 1616 or Optional Whoop AIO Board Bracket Kit
・FPV camera mount Nano size 14mmmm)
・FPV antenna mount rubber holder 1.8 mmmm)
・Maximum stack height 16 mmm
・All warranty partsて

■ Recommended components

・Motor size 1205 / 5000kvv
・Camera Runcam Nano 22
・ESC15amp 4in11
・Propeller size 3 inchesチ
・Lipo Battery 4S 450mAhh

■ About warranty

Warranty for all carbon fiber and metal parts。
※Bolts and nuts Screws Aluminum standoff foam parts Discontinued parts Models purchased from other than authorized dealers are not eligible.対象外です。
If you want to use it, please contact Armattan directly or if you purchased it at our shop, we can also act on your behalf, so please contact us. In that case, you will need the delivery note at the time of purchase, so please keep it in a safe place. In addition, it is essential to submit a photo of the damaged part when it is damaged, so please be careful not to disassemble, repair or accidentally throw it away.ご注意ください。
You can check the warranty from the manufacturer's site.。

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