Armattan Chameleon 5" 限定エディション チタンフレームキット

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Armattan Chameleon's camera cage is usually made of aluminum, but this time a limited edition of titanium was made.た。
There was a strong request from fans in the background, but titanium was very expensive and there was a problem in machining due to the design, so I could not take steps to realize it, but this time I finally made this classic frame made of titanium. Upgraded to the front cage has become unparalleled strengthりました。

All frame parts are the same as the original Chameleon and the titanium parts of this model are compatible with the parts of the original release. The front cage has been slightly modified to increase the strength of the lipo top plate, but the same design is maintained and the original Compatible with the aluminum version ofいます。

■ specification

・Frame weight about 128gg
・Motor to motor 220mmm
・Frame shape Freestyle Buss
・Bottom plate thickness 4mmm
・Top plate thickness 2mm
・Metal Parts T5 Titanium Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminumウム
・Motor mounting pattern 22xxx
・Stack height (maximum) 20 mmm
・FPV camera size width 27.5mmm
※The FPV camera plate is in stock at Chameleon Cam Braces for 3 hole cams, and the 28mm full size is a little tight, but it can be installed.能。

■ Recommended components

・Motor size 22xx-24xxx
・Propeller size 5 inchesチ
・Lipo 3S-6S1300-1500mahah

■ Kit contents (original Chameleon)

・4mm Main Plate x1
・2mm Lipo Top Plate x1
・Aluminum VTX mount x1
・Rubber SMA O-Rings x2
・M3 12mm iron bolts x4
・M3 nylon 6mm male / female standoffs x4
・M3 nylon nuts x8
・M3 6mm cuphead iron bolts x2
・M2 5mm cuphead iron bolts x4
・M3 8mm countersunk bolts x2

<Camera cage>
・HD Cam Top Plate x1
・1.5mm Cam Braces x2
・4mm Aluminum Cam Protector x2
・4mm Aluminum HD Cam Lever x2
・rubber dimes x2
・M2 5mm cuphead iron bolts x8
・M2 5mm bolts x2
・M2 washers x2
・M3 sunknuts x2
・M3 aluminum thumbscrew x2
・M3 8mm iron bolts x2
・M2 12mm cuphead iron bolts x4
・M3 10mm iron bolts x6
・20mm M3 standoff x1

<Stack hardware>
・Anti vibration bobbin standoffs x4
・Flight controller bobbin standoffs x4

<Foam rubber protectionン>
・Foam Landing Pads x4
・Lipo Top Plate Foam Pad x1
・HD Cam Foam Pad x1

・Battery strap x1
・Assembly instructions (English)

※The 4mm Aluminum Cam Protector x2 and 4mm Aluminum HD Cam Lever x2 in the camera cage will be T5 Titanium in this limited edition.mになります。

■ Product description of aluminum version (original model)

The Armattan Chameleon is a freestyle exclusive frame developed and manufactured by Armattan Quads. All features included in the new flagship model have been carefully considered and incorporated, although many of these features are fairly traditional but more. There are also some innovations that can benefit from a closer look. One is the lowrider-style top plate. This lowered mount thin fuselage brings the battery closer to the center of gravity of the fuselage, which means the rolls and flips move faster and rotate. The low top plate also has the advantage of protecting the battery when the aircraft is turned upside down.保護するというメリットも生まれました。

The 4mm thick 6061 aluminum camera gauge construction on the front of the frame provides the most protection and versatility in camera mounting. The frame not only provides complete protection for FPV cameras over 25 degrees, but also allows for angle changes. If you want to fly in the back or at a more relaxed pace, you can adjust it to the angle you need, and Armattan's knob screw system makes it easy to switch between the two. The HD camera mounting plate allows you to adjust the angle of your recording device. Adjustable from 30 degrees to 60 degrees No need to cut and fit foam to get the ideal recording angle You can adjust the size as needed using a standard M3 driver必要に応じてサイズを調整できます。

Finally, Chameleon's innovation is the VTX mount at the rear. On the surface, it's a point for attaching the SMA adapter, but it also has some hidden features. The carbon fiber top plate is lined up above where the VTX is attached. There are several holes These holes were measured to match the screen DIP switches and buttons of many common transmitters currently on the market. Changing channels in the field is changing the angle of the camera. I think it should be just as quick and easyであるべきだと思います。

■ About warranty

Warranty for all carbon fiber and metal parts。
※Bolts and nuts Screws Aluminum standoff foam parts Discontinued parts Models purchased from other than authorized dealers are not eligible.対象外です。
If you want to use it, please contact Armattan directly or if you purchased it at our shop, we can also act on your behalf, so please contact us. In that case, you will need the delivery note at the time of purchase, so please keep it in a safe place. In addition, it is essential to submit a photo of the damaged part when it is damaged, so please be careful not to disassemble, repair or accidentally throw it away.ご注意ください。
You can check the warranty from the manufacturer's site.。

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