Armattan Badger 5" Kit (バンドル)

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Armattan Badger 5 "is a set of parts that can be assembled. It's a little better than buying them separately.得!
A receiver is not included, so you need to prepare a receiver that matches your radio.す。

※Recording camera battery not includedん。
※The image of the propeller is an image. A suitable size is randomly attached.す。

Please refer to the blog article from the related URL for how to assemble and set。

■ Related URL

【Frame assembly】
Armattan Badger 5 "frame kit

【Bundle contents introduction Assembly settings設定】
Armattan Badger 5 "Kit 11>

Armattan Badger 5 "Kit (Bundle) 22>

Armattan Badger 5 "Kit (Bundle) 33>

Armattan Badger 5 "Kit (Bundle) 4 Betaflight Basic Settings設定

Armattan Badger 5 "Kit (Bundle) 5RC smoothingng

Armattan Badger 5 "Kit (Bundle) 6Filter Settingsgs

Armattan Badger 5 "Kit (Bundle) 7PID Tuning 1 1

Armattan Badger 5 "Kit (Bundle) 8PID Tuning 2 2

Armattan Badger 5 "Kit (Bundle) 9PID Tuning 3 3

Armattan Badger 5 "Kit (Bundle) 10Dynamic Idle Valal

【Armattan Frame Warranty】

■ Package contents

・Frame Armattan Badger 5 "Frame Kit 1×1
・FCHolybro Kakute F7 V1.5 Flight Controller 1×1
・ESCHolybro Tekko32 F3 4in1 ESC (45A) 1×1
 (For 6S) ETHIX MR STEELE STOUT MOTOR V3 (2306/1750KV) 44
 (For 4S) ETHIX MR STEELE SILK MOTOR V3 (2306/2345KV) 44
・Antenna TBS TRIUMPH PRO (SMA) 1×1
・FPV Camera RunCam Swift Mini 2 Mr. Steele Edition 1×1
・Propeller ETHIX S3 WATERMELON PROPS 5X3.1X3 (6CW + 6CCW) x3 packク
・XT60 Pigtail Wire x1
・M3 20mm screws x4
・M3 nut 44
・M3 & M2 Rubber Donuts 44
・Other heat expansion and contraction tube tie wrap foam etc.など
・System diagram

■ About warranty

Warranty for all carbon fiber and metal parts。
※Bolts and nuts Screws Aluminum standoff foam parts Discontinued parts Models purchased from other than authorized dealers are not eligible.対象外です。
If you want to use it, please contact Armattan directly or if you purchased it at our shop, we can also act on your behalf, so please contact us. In that case, you will need the delivery note at the time of purchase, so please keep it in a safe place. In addition, it is essential to submit a photo of the damaged part when it is damaged, so please be careful not to disassemble, repair or accidentally throw it away.ご注意ください。
You can check the warranty from the manufacturer's site.。

※Warranty applies only to frames。

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