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Overall, the design was based on the Armattan Marmotte frame, with the Marmotte having a single mainframe, but the Badger was released with removable arms.した。
Since it also contains screws etc., the frame of Badger 5 "can be assembled.す。

■ About the arm

The arm is attached with two bolts and two thunk nuts. The thunk nut goes straight into the 4mm base plate so there is no need to worry about delamination. The arm is grounded in the center of the base plate to upgrade the frame structure to a more robust structure.グレード。

■ FPV camera cage

The tough titanium camera cage allows you to change the angle from the base of the cage, and you can change the angle of the FPV camera and the Gopro mounted on it together, and the angle changes in the event of a crash that damages the FPV camera It also plays a role in letting the shock escapeします。
Since the mounting part of the FPV camera can also be adjusted, it can be adjusted according to the lens length of the FPV camera, and it is compatible with Mini or micro size FPV cameras.ます。

■ Antenna mount

Aluminum parts at the rear of the frame come with an option to secure the VTX antenna and are compatible with TBS's SMA and U.FLす。

■ Other

FC has screw holes to fit both 30.5 mm and 20 mm, and there is a hole at the rear for fixing the VTX for the tower.す。
The long body is convenient and can be firmly fixed when mounting a large lipo.す。
Also fits propellers up to 5.5 inchesす。

■ specification

・Frame weight about 130gg
・Motor to motor 236mmm
・Frame shape Compressed X
・Main plate thickness 4 mmm
・Arm thickness 4mmm
・Hardware Steel Bolt Titanium Cage Aluminum Standoffフ
・Motor mounting pattern 22xxx
・FC stack mount 20mm 30.5mm compatible互換
・FPV camera mount mini camera (21mm))
・FPV antenna mount TBS SMAU.FL compatible対応
・Stack height (maximum) 20 mmm

■ Recommended components

・Motor size 23066
・Propeller size up to 5.5 inchesチ
・Lipo 4S-5S 1500mAhAh

■ Kit contents

・Camera-cage brackets 22
・Camera-cage anchors 22

・4mm M3 iron bolts 100
・6mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts 144
・8mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts 88
・10mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts 100
・Sunknuts 122
・16mm M3 iron bolts 4
・2.5mm M2 cuphead iron bolts 66

・23mm front standoff 11
・tail posts 22
・camera savers 22

・6mm M3 standoffs 44
・nuts 44
・M6 nylon washers 22

<Carbon fiber>
・2mm Top (LiPo) plate 11
・1.5mm HD Cam plate 11
・4mm Main plate 11
・Antenna mount plates (TBS and SMA) 22

・Lipo strap 11
・LiPo foam pad 11
・HD camera foam pad 11
・Dog-bone landing pads 44
・Antenna mount 11
・SMA grommet 11
・Diamond coated steel file 11
・Assembly instructions (English)

■ About warranty

Warranty for all carbon fiber and metal parts。
※Bolts and nuts Screws Aluminum standoff foam parts Discontinued parts Models purchased from other than authorized dealers are not eligible.対象外です。
If you want to use it, please contact Armattan directly or if you purchased it at our shop, we can also act on your behalf, so please contact us. In that case, you will need the delivery note at the time of purchase, so please keep it in a safe place. In addition, it is essential to submit a photo of the damaged part when it is damaged, so please be careful not to disassemble, repair or accidentally throw it away.ご注意ください。
You can check the warranty from the manufacturer's site.。

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