TBS Unify Pro32 Nano 5G8 V1.1

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  • 市場最小、最軽量のビデオ送信機
  • バーコードの読み取り
  • 超クリーントランスミッション (一度に最大16人のパイロット)
  • PitMode (チームレース機能)
  • フォールバックボタンメニューで、OSD、FC、RCチャネルを簡単に変更
  • 堅牢なRFアンプにより、アンテナなしで何時間も電源を入れることが可能
  • クリーンな電源投入とビデオ切り替え
  • CE認証

バーコード? バーコード!! (特許出願中)

The VTx is capable of processing the camera image. So we taught it to read barcodes! This means the VTx no longer needs to be transmitting to set channels, and setting channels can be done in the pits. It also means no more guesswork what channel the VTx is on, simply point it at the barcode of your choice and it will move to that channel or power level! There are many more exciting features coming with this technology, stay tuned and barcode on!

PITMODE - レースのために作られました

Zero interference even while powered up, it's now a possibility! If you've ever repaired a quad during a race, you'll know the frustrations of not being able to power on and test your system. With PitMode, we will reduce the output power to a bare minimum (way below single digit mW's) to allow you to power up your quad and still see the image! You've got less than one meter of range to put your quad through its paces before placing it on that starting grid. Using SmartAudio or CRSF, you can power up the VTx using your remote!

SMARTAUDIO V2.1 & CRSF - チームレース対応

SmartAudio technology provides UART control for your entire video transmitter. Parameters such as output power, bands, channels and frequency can be freely controlled. This enables remote channel control directly from a smart device (TBS Crossfire, external bluetooth or wifi module required), from your radio (TBS Crossfire with TBS Tango or OpenTX compatible remote required), or from the OSD (e.g. Betaflight OSD, TBS CORE PRO).

With all these options available, you ought to find something that fits your bill. Together with CleanSwitch, the sky is the limit ... jump between channels without interfering fellow pilots in air, create backup-/emergency-frequencies, global VTx power adjustments by race organizers or other clever systems aimed at streamlining and improving race management are now a possibility!


CleanSwitch is a technology developed at TBS that will ensure that your video transmitter is interference-free while powering on, or while changing channels. All current video transmitters swipe across the entire band while being powered on, often resulting in flickering and heavy interference to anyone in the air, regardless of video channel chosen. TBS CleanSwitch will allow you to power on and change channels while your buddies are in the air, without any external interference. CleanSwitch is race friendly, and pilot friendly ... that's how we like it at TBS :)


  • 動作電圧: 3-13V
  • 動作温度: watch for normal airflow
  • ビデオ入力インピーダンス: 75 Ohm
  • 重量: 1g
  • 寸法: 15x13x2mm
  • アンテナコネクタ: u.FL ソケット
  • ビデオフォーマット: NTSC/PAL
  • 出力電力: 14dBm (25mW), 20dBm (100mW), 26dBm (400mW), 28dBm (500+mw)


  • 1x TBS Unify Pro32 Nano 5G8 V1.1 ビデオトランスミッター
  • 1x シリコンケーブルセット (pre-tinned)
  • 1x リニアホイップアンテナ
  • 1x 収縮チューブ